PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns are an instant solution for gaining targeted online traffic to your website. Media Rocket will provide you with a list of profitable short and long tail keywords that our specific for your niche/business. Clients require a monthly budget for paid traffic advertising on Google and/or Bing’s Search Engines.

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Boost Your Web Traffic Instantly With Our PPC Packages

Your business deserves the best chance of ranking in search results. A double pronged approach is recommended using a combination of Organic Website SEO for long term business visibility, plus a monthly advertising campaign targeting very specific high monthly search volume keywords.

Pay Per Click Campaigns are the perfect solution to gain immediate customers to your new business website!

Choose from our Keyword Research Report or Fully Managed Monthly Pay Per Click Campaign Service.

Instant Website Hits Guaranteed

The beauty of paid advertising on platforms such as Google Search & Bing, is the instant hit of web traffic that start as soon as your PPC campaign goes live! This method of digital marketing enables businesses to quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. Everything from A/B Landing page testing, to product sales and conversions. Pay per click campaign advertising boosts your website visitor count quickly (keyword bid dependent) so you can maximise sales or enquiries. PPC is best when combined with Organic SEO for maximum business visibility.

Did You Know?

When businesses run PPC pay per click campaigns, your organic website position gets a small boost in page ranking. Win win!

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Pay For Web Traffic

Reach the top of search results

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Targeted Keywords

Laser Target High Traffic Keywords

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Gain Leads & Sales

Convert Clicks into Customers

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Flexible Campaigns

Pause, Stop & Edit Adverts

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