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At Media Rocket Web Services Hinckley, we understand that Web Design & Technology in general can be quite confusing. Acronyms and phrases can easily put business owners off performing technical web based tasks. We are here to help you and your business. We have compiled a list of FAQ’s below to get you onboard. We are here to help break the techno fear and help you build your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional queries or requests, please do contact us today!

Media Rocket Web Services aim to have your brochure style website completed usually within 2 weeks. This is an approximate timeline as business requirements differ for everyone. The faster you can get your logo (unless you would like us to design your logo), web page content and contact details over to us, the sooner we can complete your project.

SSL simply means Secure Sockets Layer (port 443). An encrypted certificate for your website changing your url from http://websitename to https://websitename. This means that the communication between your clients browser and your website are encrypted and secure. The padlock icon denotes that a website is secure. Most web browsers nowadays will alert you if a website is NOT secure. Any new websites designed by Media Rocket will have SSL installed as standard.

Web hosting is literally where your website files are stored on the internet. Cloud based servers are dedicated web servers (large computers) designed especially for serving files to web browsers. We provide web hosting for new website clients for a small annual cost. You do not need to worry about the back-end web server configuration, you can leave that all to us!

If you value your business, we highly recommend that you stay away from such platforms. Services like Wix/GoDaddy etc may have a pretty looking theme. They also make the process of creating a webpage very simple for you.

On the surface, this sounds great. Unfortunately a website built in an hour does not have the back end functionality and flexibility that our web services offer. The amount of businesses contacting us because their Wix website is not ranking on search engines is alarming.

The beauty of a responsive website design by Media Rocket, means that every single component used to build your new business website, has future proofing in mind.

We can offer detailed functionality, from online booking forms, live chat, WhatsApp connectivity and more. But the main benefit of a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) website, is the ability to configure and modity your website in great detail. Not only creating client friendly content but also creating SEO friendly pages!

Of course. If your existing business website is not ranking in the search engines, is broken, slow or just needs an overhaul, we can help. Your domain name (website name) simply points to your website files using DNS servers (Domain Name System). Media Rocket can build a fast and fresh website using any content narrative, images and logos that you already have. We then point your DNS servers to your new fast website hosted by us!

We are flexible. Please do not think that if you come to us for your new website, that you are tied in. We simply offer hosting as part of our web services packages. If you wish to use your own hosting, please feel free. We will need to access your cpanel to build your website.

Website handover is an option, once your new site is complete and you prefer to manage it and update and maintain the content, add files and back end core files yourself, then you can. Please do not leave your website un-managed. Core updates, plugins and files all need frequent security updates and testing to stay safe and secure from hackers and exploits.

Alternatively you can leave that to us, by choosing the relevant “Optional Upgrades” listed on our website design page.

PPC simply stands for Pay Per Click. A paid advertising method that targets business specific keywords. Bids are placed on these phrases that are linked to your adverts. Your “sponsored” business adverts are then triggered when potential customers search for those phrases in search engines. Win win! Please note that you will need a monthly advertising budget.

Please note, at Media Rocket we prefer to use PPC Campaign Advertising on Google & Bing Web Search. We tend to stay away from advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok & Instagram as these sites do not tend to convert clients. People browsing on social media are generally chatting with friends and searching for funny cat videos. People browsing on Google Search tend to have an intent to buy, or are actively searching for a business or service. This results is much more targeted traffic.

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines such as Google & Microsoft Bing, have dedicated website crawlers that periodically sweep for and detect websites/content. If your website is not SEO friendly, then your website will never appear organically within search results.

On Page SEO is when your responsive website content, pages, media, titles, subtitles, meta tags, image tags, internal linking and site speed, are all configured in such a technical manor that the web crawlers easily find your website and content. These congruent website elements are all requirements for efficient organic SEO. Over time your website will be ranked according to the keywords each page is targeting. XML (file format) website maps need to be created, tested and submitted to the search engines using dedicated website consoles.

Off Page SEO is when your website is boosted in the search results by using external techniques such as white hat back-linking, Google My Business linking etc. These additional changes send healthy signals to the search engines to show authority and popularity.

A combination of On Page and Off Page SEO is recommended. The addition of running PPC Advertising can also be a beneficial boost which can give an increase in your new websites organic page position.

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